Executive Coaching is a powerful tool that many successful people use to achieve their personal and professional transformation.

Dave will work with you to develop and apply the Five Powerful MindModels and the Two Most Important Skills to achieve success, including how to :

  • heighten your awareness for transformation.

  • clarify, prioritize and stay focused on your goals.

  • find better and faster ways to achieve your goals.

  • reduce anger, frustration, disappointment and resolve conflict, and improve work relationship and career.

  • improve your communication skills.

  • improve performance, effectiveness and profitability.

  • build self-confidence and leadership qualities.

  • build your Brand YOU and stand out from the crowd.

  • develop self-mastery mindset and skills for growth.



Dave empowers individuals to define, position and communicate their unique Personal Brand in their success journey.

We are all branded. Your Personal Brand is a very important asset in your professional and personal life. It is the key to your success. Is your Personal Brand being perceived positively by your Target Audience? Choose to develop your authentic, distinctive Brand YOU that will help you become more successful in your career, business and personal life.

Our one-on-one coaching helps you to develop your Unique Brand YOU to shine distinctively from the crowd.

The duration of our one-on-one coaching ranges from two to ten weekly sessions of one hour per session, depending on your requirements. Our coaching services are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs.

The coaching process is done confidentially.


Personal Branding and Communication Coach

Our coach is Dave Chong.

Commencement Date

As the Coaching Service is conducted on a one-on-one basis, the commencement date can be arranged to suit the individual.




As your external trusted Thinking Partner and Personal Advisor, Dave gives you his impartial outside insights or perspectives for your specific needs or projects.